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We are a group of leading IT specialists in Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud and Enterprise Mobility.

{ B2B & B2C Services }

The goal of our B2B and B2C teams is to help our clients establish and maintain customer/client relationships through innovative technology solutions leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies.

B2B and B2C Services is Our Speciality

Whether it is an e-commerce site, a vendor/supplier interface, or a customer facing portal solution, our team is capable of assessing the requirements and goals of our clients and presenting an overall solution that is capable of achieving the desired results. Our specialized vision for leveraging SaaS to provide these services affords our clients unprecedented reliability, cost savings and manageability of the solution provided.

If the challenges of storing, processing, and interpreting your data is keeping you up at night, our team can design and develop a big data strategy that will solve those challenges and make your business more agile.

Line of Business Development Services

Our team of experts can assist you with evaluating current business processes and internal systems, then help identify opportunities where technology can be utilized to provide a greater degree of control and understanding of relevant business data. This results in the ability to lower costs and minimize human error through automation, accelerate the pace of making informed business decisions, and interact with customers and vendors in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

{ Application Development }

The reasons businesses should develop applications are to make experiences and interactions simpler and more accessible to end users who need them. Anything from changing user behavior to new internal requirements can be a reason to seek out an application development partner, and it’s important to find one that makes it work for both your business and the end user.

Our teams have had experience updating legacy applications, simplifying complex systems, and integrating platforms that aren’t built to integrate. We offer a strategic approach that gives you the most valuable end product.

By employing experts who can integrate with your team directly, we work quickly and efficiently to define a course that will meet your strategic objectives. Whether you need a ground-up solution or help salvaging an underperforming application, we can jump in and test solutions in a way that gives you options for success, and not just a prescribed solution that doesn’t align with your business needs.

{ Integration Services }

System integration. ... In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.

{ Support and Optimization }

When your internal resources have big priorities, let our experts handle some of the maintenance overload on your critical systems. We provides ongoing strategic support and maintenance as well as documentation and training for companies preoccupied with other bigger and more pressing development matters.

{ Security Services }

Staying ahead of current and emerging cloud threats requires an integrated, analytics-driven approach. By combining Microsoft global threat intelligence and expertise with insights into cloud security-related events across your Azure deployments, Azure Security Center helps you detect actual threats early, and it reduces false positives. Cloud security alerts offer insights into the attack campaign, including related events and impacted resources, and suggest ways to remediate issues and recover quickly.

{ Dependability & Reliability }

At Applied Dimension, We provide our clients with expert software engineering services, with specialization in line of business applications, data mining and business to consumer interactions.

Our technology experts leverage their experience and insights to craft innovative and transformative business solutions that leverage the entire Microsoft technology stack.